We have had several people comment that they would love to have a custom closet designed for them but they think it is something only the wealthy can afford. The truth is we can make closets as simple or as elaborate as you desire and your budget allows.

Classic Blinds and Closets always provides professional design consultations at no charge. We take the time to listen to what your needs are and then present you with 3D renderings and an item by item pricing breakdown. You will be pleasantly surprised with both product and price.

We are not a franchise so we have no expensive fees going to a corporate entity in another state. We are locally owned and operated and utilize closet materials from Organizers Direct. That provides you with saving right off the top compared to the franchises.

Here are a few examples of what we can do.


You are in your main closets daily and usually more often than some of the other rooms in your home. We provide everything you need to get things organized.

  • A walk-in closet can include a mix of shelving, drawers, long hang, double hang, and even islands and benches.
  • We can utilize slanted shelving or cubbies for your shoes.
  • We can accessorize with hampers, telescoping valet rods, belt racks, and tie racks.
  • Drawers fronts can be flat, raised panel, shaker style, and more.
  • We can have everything behind cabinet doors and can even have glass fronts to see what’s behind each panel.
  • We can take your smaller closets and make them much more livable.
  • Even that closet behind a couple of sliding doors can incorporate a mix of shelves, drawers, long hang, and double hang.

All of this can be done in a variety of colors and finishes.

Our expert installers can do most jobs in less than a day so you can start enjoying your new organized life as soon as possible.

Closets Accessories

We mentioned a few of the items above but there are so many options to accessorize your closet. Here are just a few more.

  • Fold out ironing boards
  • Jewelry inserts and locks for your drawers
  • Slide out hampers with removable bags
  • Wardrobe lifts
  • Slide out mirrors


Pantries are another area that often need a makeover. They are often too deep to where you can’t see what is in the back. Since they aren’t adjustable you are either wasting space between shelves or can’t fit a larger item in the space.

We have plenty of options on shelving depth to properly fit your space. Since our shelves are adjustable, you can easily make changes to your configuration as your needs change. We can accessorize here, too. We can incorporate pull out spice racks, canned goods racks, baskets, and even wine racks!

Laundry and Mud Room

This is another space that often times needs a makeover. Classic Blinds and Closets has helped homeowners organize their laundry situation with shelving, drying areas, and cabinets (even locking) since 2004. Mud room updates with organizers for the kids’ school bags and benches for changing shoes are very popular.

Give us a call for all of your closet needs at 615-794-0324.

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