Faux wood blinds are perfect for price-conscious individuals looking for a simple yet attractive solution. They are as attractive as a real wood blinds but are more durable. They are perfect for high moisture and high humidity environments such as bathrooms, kitchens, laundry, and garage but look great anywhere.

Why faux wood blinds?

  • The least expensive option in window coverings.
  • They are typically made of a treated polymer material so they hold up well in high sun and high moisture environments
  • They allow for light control with the tilt of the slat to keep the heat and damaging UV rays off your floors and furniture
  • Perfect for matching white and off-white window casings but also available in other colors.
  • Available in 2 and 2 ½-inch slats to fit any decorating style.
  • Cloth tape is available for additional decorating options
  • There are cordless options available including motorization.
  • All blinds come with a decorative crown valance.
  • Available as a “routless” privacy blind to eliminate the dozens of small light holes when the blind is closed.

Wouldn’t you rather have a professional precisely measure and install your blinds and then stand behind the sale? We can usually install faux wood blinds for the same price or lower than buying from the massive home improvement stores where you have to install them yourself.

Let us provide a free consultation where we explain the process fully. We offer blinds from Hunter Douglas, Norman Window Fashions, Timber Blinds, and CACO to name a few. All of these manufacturers offer blinds with a lifetime warranty.

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